Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Adventure

Thanksgiving is relatively low key for us. We split the day - the first half with my family and the second half with Eric's family. By the end of the day, our bellies are beyond full and we have leftovers for days. I took the camera along this year, though I didn't really get a whole lot of pictures. I also grabbed some with my phone.
Morning cartoons - this is her preferred seat. Gotta love it!
Tried to grab some of the kids together, but Kendall wouldn't sit still to save her life, nor would she give me a real smile. Eh, it is what it is.
My Aunt Taunya hosted this year, so the kids started pigging out the second we got there. Kendall had already been snacking for hours, "helping" me get the veggie tray prepped.
The two most important ladies in my life.
Kendall making some music with her Papa.
Here are some of the phone pics.
Matt was seriously rocking the no-shave November Super Troopers mustache. I could hardly hold a conversation with him without giggling.
I tried several times to get Kendall to take a nap. When she finally hit meltdown status, I made her sleep for about an hour before we headed over to Eric's family. She was fighting that nap like crazy. She managed the rest of the night really well, but the next morning (below), she slept in, making up for the short nap. Her little mouth cracks me up. Deep sleep, I guess!
I had my camera with me at Eric's family's gathering, but it never left my purse. There was too much visiting going on, and then games afterwards.

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