Monday, November 11, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap

My birthday weekend was fairly busy. Definitely busier than what I wanted. I ended up with a shoot both days - I am beyond burned out right now. This happens every year after I run my fall special. I have so many shoots, which results in countless hours editing, which means less time for my family and less time for ME. I'm at the point right now where I just want to throw in the towel so I can have my life back. :/ 
Saturday after my shoot, we took the kids to Big Al's. Even though it doesn't sound like a place where I would normally spend my birthday, it was just what I needed. It was fun, the kids had a great time, and we played games all evening. We had dinner at the restaurant inside Big Al's, and it was pretty good. My parents came over last night to have dessert and do gifts. I ended up with several gift cards and I can't wait to go shopping. After donating pretty much 90% of my wardrobe after dropping 40 pounds, I am really needing clothes!
Here are some random phone pics of the weekend:
My shoot Saturday was clear out in rural Caldwell. The property was amazing!
My girl all ready to hit Big Al's - she's pretty much the cutest thing ever. And don't bother arguing with her on that.
Playing games with daddy.
One thing I love about Big Al's is their wall-to wall sports coverage. If there is a heaven, this is how I envision it. I could have stayed there all night. ;)
Kendall has been off since the time change. She was up an hour early pretty much all week, and on the weekend as well. No sleeping in for me. Here, she is looking out the window to find the dog.
I'm glad the cat got in a nap - I sure didn't!
I also got a pretty bouquet of flowers.

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