Monday, August 19, 2013

Fair Time!

It's that time of year again - the Western Idaho Fair is in town.  We took the kids Sunday afternoon/night. It was hot out, but that's just part of the fair, in my opinion. I set out with the goal of getting some detail shots this year, but there were just a bazillion people there and I wasn't able to set up a whole lot of shots like I would have wanted. So I settled for what I did get, blurred shots and all.
Our first stop was in the llama/alpaca building. We had never been in there before, so we figured why not? The little alpacas sure are cute! 
Then we walked to the livestock building. Kendall wanted nothing to do with those animals. She didn't want to pet them, talk to them, interact with them, zilch, nada.
 Carter, on the other hand, was all about the animals
 Some prizes
I have no clue what this ride is but you can bet I won't be on it.
One of Carter's favorite rides is actually the big slide. He was quite disappointed in the rides since we recently went to Disneyland. But he still had a great time.
Eric talked him into going on the bigger swings this year. He had a blast!
On of the shows was all about monkeys. We wandered over to it twice and finally ended up catching the entire show the second time around.
I love spin art. I remember doing these at the fair when I was younger. Carter has done his own before, but I wanted him to show Kendall how it was done.
I also let him feed some of the animals in the petting barn.
Watch out, that goat is quite focused!
Of course Pronto Pups were on the menu!
My loves.
Kendall really didn't have any interest in the rides - we convinced her to go on one. We thought she would sit with Carter, but it wasn't happening. Eric had to squeeze into the little ride with her at the last minute.
I really wish this shot wasn't blurry because Mr. Personality was out in full force!
I went on the water roller coaster with Carter. We got soaked! Not nearly as soaked as Splash Mountain, but pretty close!

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