Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Braces Adventure - Can We Move This Along, Already?!

I'm not sure if this process could possibly take ANY longer. Holy hell. If you will recall, my records and impressions appointment was three weeks ago.  At the very end of that appointment, the orthodondist told me that he would call me within two weeks to discuss the ultimate treatment plan, based on my x-rays and impressions and pictures. Great. I'm not in any hurry over here. Take your time.  So two weeks go by and I hear nothing. I text my friend, who works there, and say "it has been two weeks, should I be nervous?" She assured me that everything was fine, they had just been putting in a lot of hours and the orthodontist was working on his calls. Cool. So another week goes by and I just can't hold my patience anymore. I called the office and explained that it had been three weeks, can I get a call back? Of course, the orthodontist called me back within an hour. Naturally.
He confirmed that I do, in fact, need to proceed with the surgery. I didn't doubt that that would change, and had actually accepted it as my fate. Break my face. Cool.  The timeline leading up to this is so freaking drawn out, I'm going to go nuts. They are booked out until the end of April. So at the end of April, I go in and they place some spacer bands around my teeth, which I get to wear for two wonderful weeks. Including my time in Disneyland. Happiest place on Earth, remember? Once we get back from Disneyland, I go back to the office, they pull out the bands, fit the metal bands that will hold the expander, take another impression, put the original bands back on, and ship the impression off to the lab where they will make the expander. This takes another two weeks. So now we are at the end of May. MAY. The end of May, I go in and have the expander placed and cemented to my teeth. Then I'm free to have the surgery, which they recommend taking place on a Friday.
I would like to say that in my adult years, I have gained a healthy amount of patience.  Especially the years since I turned 25 and started having kids. Loads of patience have been gained. Trust me. However, this process of doing braces is threatening to wipe out all that progress I have made. Seriously - let's get moving!

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