Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween this year was a hoot!  Carter was super excited and we decorated the house more than we usually do.  And we had a countdown....and two kids for costumes!  Carter decided long ago that Kendall was going to be Tinkerbell.  For a while, he was going to be Peter Pan, but then he changed his mind and decided that Batman was a better choice.  So we actually ended up borrowing a Batman costume from my friend, Abby.  Her son is taller than Carter, so the costume was actually a little bit big on him.  But for the sake of saving money, it worked out just fine.

Earlier in the week, Carter and I made Halloween cookies to celebrate - just basic sugar cookies in the form of pumpkins, ghosts and bats.....frosted and decorated with sprinkles and candy corn.  They were awesome!

So when Halloween arrived, Carter was ready to go.  He mowed through dinner and got his costume on in record time!  Kendall didn't actually wear her costume out for trick or treating, as it was quite chilly outside.  So we got the necessary pictures, and then bundled her up in the stroller. 

Here are the pictures....in no particular order.

Sir Batman.....so serious

 Miss Tinkerbell - apparently EATING the pixie dust wand works, too

 She decided to get smiley after we took the stockings off, so I grabbed one more.

 Kendall and I got bundled up in our BSU gear, and we all headed out!  It sure was chilly - the wind didn't help matters. 
 These last five are phone pictures, so excuse the quality.
 Kya came with us to get more leash training.  We received countless compliments on her - the best looking dog in the neighborhood, that's for sure!
 As soon as the bucket was full, we headed home.
 Kendall's glow-in-the-dark halo.  Some people were handing these little bracelets out in lieu of candy.  So we put a couple together and made her a halo.
 And Kya is quite fond of Kendall.  Here she is, cuddling up next to her.

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