Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

This last weekend, I was hired to photograph a birthday party for a pretty 10 year old girl.  There were approximately 20 ten year olds at this party.....oh boy!  The girls met at the birthday girl's house and they were all transported via an Escalade Limo (yes, a 10 year old) to a salon, where they all received manicures and pedicures (again, yes, 10 year olds).  What a 10th birthday for this girl!  The shots were nothing fancy, as the mom just wanted the event documented, and didn't really want a lot of editing. So here's what we ended up with as some highlights.

 (birthday girl and her brother)
 (birthday girl and her Gucci purse cake)
 (10 year olds with cell phones.......we all know how I feel about that)
 (birthday girl and her little sister)


Creative Mish said...

Holy Cow that is quite the party for a 10 year old. Imagine what her 16th will be like

Brandy said... that is inSANE.