Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!

2 is so much harder than 1. These birthdays are starting to become bittersweet! Why is 2 harder? Because with every passing day, he is getting closer to running away from me when I try to kiss him, and getting too big to cradle in my arms, and saying "mommy, stop" when I give him 43 hugs too many. It's heartbreaking, it really is. But it's also fun watching him explore and learn. You can really see the wheels turning when he is seeing something new for the first time, and trying to figure out how it works. He's a thinker.....and I LOVE that. He wants to learn things for himself. I can't imagine a better child....he's everything I ever wanted.
Happy Birthday to my sweet boy. I love you more than you know!!




Perfectly Unperfect said...

Awwwww!!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

♥Jacqueline Toy♥ said...

Happy Birthday Carter! -Jeffrey & Jacque ;o)

wendie said...

Happy Birthday, Carter!