Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dairy Days Tournament

I only have four pictures from this tournament because it was league sponsored, meaning I did a shit-ton of volunteering both at the concessions and field prep (7am-6pm field prep was NOT the best decision). And let me just say, for the record, that it should be MANDATORY for every single parent of a kid on the team to volunteer. As in, there are probably 4 of us doing the lion's share of everything. Grrrr, people.  Anyway, between the scheduled games, concessions, field prep, keeping book if we were home team (again, ANYONE else wanna help?) and getting into a verbal altercation with one of the player's fathers, I managed to snag four lonely pictures of Carter.

(Yes, he has two different jersey numbers.......they have pet rats at their father's house, and the old jerseys were too close to the cage and were completely shredded by the rats. So a different jersey is now his......and Davis has been added. Whew!)

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