Sunday, April 23, 2017

Oh Kendall.....I hope you know how lucky you are to have TWO birthday parties in one weekend....because that was a lot of work for your mama. Whew! I know she had fun, but We had a party with our family on Saturday, and then Kendall had some friends over Sunday for another party.
So much Trolls!! She absolutely adores everything having to do with Trolls right now.
Getting her $6! 
I got tired of dumping money into JumpTime, so we brought the jump to our own backyard where time wasn't such a restricted issue, and we could party at our own pace. The second she saw Marshall on the website, it was game over. She jumped up and down, and said "that one!" So Marshall showed up in our backyard this morning, and the kids had a couple of hours to jump by themselves before the party kids showed up.
Fun bunch of kiddos!
Thanks, everyone, who came out to celebrate Kendall's big day!

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