Monday, February 6, 2017

Idaho X Sports Tubing

This weekend, we ventured up into the snow again with Jason and Brittney for more tubing. We decided to try the Idaho X Sports runs at Garden Valley. Let me tell you.....this course lives up to its name. Definitely more extreme than Bogus or McCall. I have numerous bruises on my arms, legs, and back. I also shattered a pair of sunglasses and damn near sprained my ankle. But oh my god, what a great time, despite the downpour of rain. We will absolutely do this course again!
Brittney and I both managed to get videos on our second run. The bottom of the run is wildly bumpy and if you don't stop, you end up down in the blue bumper of death. I ended up there twice, the first time being at the end of this video. Very thankful I held on to my phone!  (note: I drop the f-bomb in this video, so if you are at work and in an open area, might want to turn down the volume.)

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