Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Headboard Project

Another Pinterest project was completed this weekend. This was also one I had picked out a long time ago, and it took quite some time to bring it all together. First I had to find the 5-panel door I wanted, which was a project all in itself. I ended up finding it at the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store. It was definitely more than I had anticipated paying, so I asked the guy at the store why it was so much more than 90% of the doors in the store. First of all, it was from the 1950s, he explained, and a whole different building generation. Second, "craft women like you pay for it."  Fair enough, and thanks for the honesty! Sheesh! Once I had the door home, I set to work on sanding it down. I knew it was going to have one of the same colors of milk paint that was on the plank wall, so that part was easy.
Then the project came to a dead stop because I was stumped by the crown molding aspect. The tutorial wasn't super clear on adding the molding, and construction isn't exactly my thing. I picked the brains of a few people, and ended up at Lowe's with my parents to pick out a nice, decorative piece. Once I got that painted, I glued it to the top of the door and clamped it overnight to secure the adhesion process. Yesterday was the install day. Instead of doing some 2x4's to brace the bottom, we mounted the door straight into the studs in the wall. Another project that turned out just how I envisioned - yes!

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