Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Child Who Lived.......For Now

Monday morning, I was getting the kids ready for the day. I stepped into my bathroom for a few minutes to brush my teeth, and when I came out, this is what greeted me in the living room:
My first thought was "ok, she totally butchered one of the Barbie's hair." And then I picked up the hair and thought "hmmmmm this feels a lot like human hair." KENDALL MORGAN! I called both kids into the living room and grilled them about who cut the hair and WHYYYYY. Of course, no one knew the answer. I guess those scissors just hopped up off the table and chopped the hair! Turns out it was just Kendall....though I never got a straight answer as to why she did it. Matt gave her the most grief, telling her "if you really wanted a haircut, we can just shave your head like I do mine." Kendall was NOT happy about that, but it definitely got a giggle out of me watching her worry if we were really going to shave her head.
Honestly, it could have been worse......she could have chopped the front or straight off the top. She managed to just get the side, but it still required me taking about three inches off all the way around. She wasn't very happy with me, and the feelings were totally mutual. Little turd!

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