Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dairy Days....which turned into the Idaho Aquarium

This week was Dairy Days, and Carter has been talking about that parade for weeks now! That kid LOVES parades. So we told him earlier in the week that we would head to the parade and then do the carnival rides afterwards.  Little did we know, the carnival would be shut down for failing to pass an electrical inspection. So we were in a bind........we didn't know the carnival would be shut down all weekend, so we told Carter we would come back Saturday when the rides were fixed. Fail. The carnival was, in fact, shut down all weekend. So I had to find something else fun for the kids. We opted for the Idaho Aquarium simply because we hadn't been there before, and it was inside with air conditioning.  Here are the pictures from the parade and the aquarium.

 Naturally, with any sort of fair/carnival, corn dogs are a must!
 This girl LOVES corn dogs.

 Vroom, vroom! My favorite part of the parade is the Corvette Club!
The Idaho Aquarium is actually pretty cool, though admission is overpriced. But it was really fun to explore with Carter!

 I ended up buying some fish so that Carter and Eric could feed the sting rays and baby sharks.
One of the sting rays was incredibly friendly - even trying to "climb" the wall so it could be pet by people. What a ham!

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Creative Mish said...

Fun! I bet he'll love the Oregon Coast and Aquarium!