Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carter's Ski Lessons: Week 4

So today was Carter's last day of ski lessons. I took part of the day off so I could go up and watch him, and snap pictures, of course.

 Getting his boots on.
 Heading off with his instructor and the other kids in his class.
 Way up high on the chairlift.
 Coming down the slopes.
 This seriously looks like he's riding a horse.....just imagine a horse there and he's in perfect form! ;)

 I was so proud of him! I watched him go down two runs before heading to the lower lodge to read. I didn't see him crash once, though he told me he did.

 After his lessons were over and we got his report card, we headed to the truck to have some lunch. After lunch, Eric took Carter back out for more.
 Up the "magic carpet".
Coming down with daddy, working on turns.
 It amazes me how the little kids just glide down the hill so effortlessly. Makes it look so easy!

After Carter successfully made it down the bunny hill twice with Eric, they went on a bigger run. I'd love to tell you what it was called, but I'm not ski savvy yet. ;)

 I love how he waves as he's going by. It's all I can do to stay off my own butt, but my son is apparently skilled enough to multi-task while skiing!
I'm so proud of him for doing all of his lessons. He has really taken well to skiing and I'm sure this will become a regular thing between Eric and Carter. Hopefully I can gain enough experience to join them soon.


♥Jacqueline said...

Yay!! Good Job! :) I bet he'll have no issues doing it again. ;)

Creative Mish said...

You got a lot of great pictures. Great Job Carter!