Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Visit: Monkey Bizness and Santa!!!

Last night, Santa was at Monkey Bizness, so we packed up the kids and went on over!  Last year when I did this, I was there on the dot and let me tell you, there was a massive line.  This year, we had to wait an extra hour at home so Kendall could finish her evening nap.  And that's the way to go!  By the time we got to Monkey Bizness, everyone had already seen Santa, so there was ZERO line.  Excellent!  The play rooms, however, were totally packed.  One side had all of the out of control, older kids, who were basically running wild, knocking over little kids, etc.  So we stuck to the side that was less populated and more family-oriented as far as playing went.

 Kendall and I stayed in the toddler play area, even though she's clearly not a toddler.  She did take control of this little circle mat, and she totally loved it!

 Carter stayed with the biiiiiiiig slide, of course.

 This was so cute!  She stayed on the little ducky for quite a while, rocking back and forth.
 Eric decided to put her up on the slide at one point, which really made me nervous.
 But let me tell you, this kid, just like her brother, is totally fearless.  I'm surprised she didn't pick this point in time to start talking, because I can guarantee, she would have looked over at me and said "mom, chill out, I got this!"
 She was squealing the entire time - so cute!

 And when it was time to see Santa, she did very well.....until she looked up at him.  Then she started crying and screaming.  She was NOT pleased with this man.  He is very nice, I do have to say.  He's the same Santa that was there last year, and his beard is real, and Mrs. Claus was even there this year!  She was giving it her best effort, trying to distract Kendall with bells and toys, but Kendall just wasn't having it. 
 And Carter wouldn't go near Santa either.  He would go give him knuckles and hi-fives, but then run off.  So when it came time for pictures, it was clear that the kids weren't going to sit by themselves, or together, for any sort of decent photo.  So a lady offered to take a picture of all of us, and while I was nervous about handing the camera over to her, it was the only way a photo was going to be taken this year.  So, here is what we got!
Merry Christmas to all!!

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