Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun With Food

To spare her poor hands from being eaten alive, we have been offering Kendall a variety of things to help her gums through the teething process.  While there are no signs of teeth yet, the process really can take quite some time....fortunately, she hasn't been too horribly fussy.  Don't get me wrong - we have had some crummy days....but it could be worse, I know that.

She has tons of teething toys, but on our last trip to the store, we got her some Baby Mum Mums, which are basically rice crackers for babies who are teething.  Carter had these when he was a baby and they were a huge hit.  They are easily dissolved in the baby's mouth, so there is no choking hazard. And it also gives them practice "chewing".  Kendall has really taken to them.

 But boy are they sure messy!  They pretty much go from cracker to soggy mess in about 2.5 seconds.  But it's sure fun watching her manipulate the cracker and get it to her mouth.
 In fact, not much misses that mouth, lol!  The girl takes her food quite seriously.


Creative Mish said...

Nom nom! when she was at my house a couple of weeks she was so funny. She would grab one of her little teething toys and hold it to her mouth and shake her head back and forth while it rubbed her gums.

Brandy said...

haha soggy mess- one of the reasons I'm not sure I can be a mom someday! So cute though :)