Monday, April 28, 2014

The Roatan Adventure, Day 3

Day 3 was packed with adventure. First up was a walk along the beach to Gumbalimba Park, the national park in Roatan. If I remember correctly, the park is approximately 50 acres and immaculately groomed. Every inch was just perfect. There were grounds crew working the entire time we were there. We opted for a guided tour (versus just walking through the park on our own with a map). Our guide was very informative.

This tree is over 400 years old. The root system was really cool.

One of the cool fact sheets in the insect room.

Roatan was discovered by Columbus. This is one of the cannons that was obviously underwater for some time. Note all of the barnacles.

Lots of lizards and iguanas.

This guy was huge! I kept my distance in case he got hungry.

The flowers were so awesome. So many, and such vivid colors.

These were called lobster tails.

The male iguanas turn a bright orange during mating season. They also were hanging out on the tree tops due to the recent rain (they hadn't received any in over two months) to dry out and sun.

I don't remember what these birds were called. We didn't see them fly at all, but their calls were very loud. We also saw some vultures.

We had to get this guy off the big hanging bridge before we could cross.


Hello, mister turtle.

The hanging bridge that crosses the lagoon. It was so peaceful here.

Next we went to the bird exhibit. All of the birds in the park are housed here. Half are released at a time, to fly. They are allowed to fly wherever they want, and they naturally return to the park. Then the other half are released for their turn.

These birds were huge! Easily as tall as Kendall. And so gorgeous. And LOUD!

This was a former military bird. He's 19 years old and much heavier than he looks!


These two were fighting like siblings. It was hilarious to watch!

Right after the birds, we saw the monkeys. Ohhhhh the monkeys! I just loved them. They were so fun to watch. They were playing and swinging from tree to tree.

This mama had just had a baby two days prior. You can sort of see the baby holding on to her back.

We got to hold the monkeys as well. My favorite part! They were obsessed with my hair! They would eat their little snacks and then dig through my hair. I had a serious case of the giggles.

They always kept their tails wrapped around your neck. I'm not sure if it was a balance thing for them, but it sort of made me uneasy.



Such fun little creatures - I sure wanted to bring one home!

The hanging bridge over the lagoon.

More of the grounds of the park.

After the park tour, we went back to the villa to get changed for ziplining!

The zipline canopy was SO, SOOOO fun. There were about 12 or so runs, ranging in elevation and distance. Our two guides were a hoot. I handed over my camera (after much thought) to one of the guides and he got so many pictures and videos.



The superman!



After all of the ziplines, we did the eco walk tour. Our guide explained to us how much of the population on the island still use trees and plants for medicinal purposes. Everything ranging from bug repellant to fertility, to hangover cures, to sickness, etc.

After hiking around for the better part of the day, we relaxed on the dock for a while, waiting for a water taxi to take us to dinner.

It was definitely a packed day, but the relaxing (and delicious!) dinner was a perfect way to wind down.

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